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Saturday, April 30, 2005


Dropped By An English Major

It's almost as if the planets aligned, the gods smiled, and the seas parted. Last night, at Thorubos of all places - a time when I'm surrounded with people who think like me and love whole nother almost as much as I do - Nathan dropped it. We were nearing the very end of discussing Ann Lamott's new book, and I was busy perusing _Real Sex_ (is anyone else having problems underlining and linking in blogspot today?) so I didn't catch the entirety of his comment, but I did catch, "...and that's a whole nother dicussion," referring to something about memoirs and truth. What makes this instance particularly beautiful is that (1) it was said by an English major, (2) it was said among those who know more about my fascination with whole nother than anyone else, (3) it was said by my roommate. Triparteid awesomeness.

Today I'm back and forth between the leadership retreat and the library. I probably won't hear "a whole nother" in the library, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone drops it at the retreat. Time will tell.

I'm glad to be a source of sunshine any time. God knows this state doesn't get enough of it.
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I used the phrase "a whole nother" this Sunday evening over dinner, as in "There's a whole nother bag and a half of sweetened coconut flakes in the cupboard."

And I used it completely by accident.

Kent would be proud.

PS: I read the paper and was duly impressed.
Dropped by an English Professor:
Roy Anker on the movie Heaven said today "it's like you move into a whole nother realm". I nearly fell out of my chair at an inappropriate time.
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